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The Performance Bar

Is a space where we let artists experiment freely within the context of a bar setting. Although we all love great music, parties and drinks, let us be clear; This venue is all about Performances. We aim to create interesting dialogues and meaningful connections between people. Lets blur the boundaries between artist and audience. The Performance Bar works with a continuous open call. This means the program is always a big adventure. That's what you come for right? 


We expect everyone who enters The Performance Bar to be kind and respectful to the performers, staff and co-visitors.

The Performance Bar values all people and provides equality of services and care to everyone, regardless of people’s age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief or sexual orientation. We have zero tolerance for racist or homophobic language and any form of sexual intimidation or aggression. It will lead to an immediate removal from the venue.

If at any time you are made to feel intimidated during a Performance Bar event please let the host, doorperson or bar staff know so we can help you right away. We are here for you!

Phones and cameras

You are temporarily relieved from the digital trap we are all stuck in these days. The Performance Bar does not allow the use of phones (and cameras) in our space. You can use your phone in the hallway or outside. To promote our artists, we might employ a house photographer who documents the night. If you don’t want to be on any picture or video you can tell this directly to the photographer.

Read the vibe:

Sometimes we want to let the monkey inside us play but we ask you to be aware of others around you who are more shy or appreciate a softer vibe. Let’s enjoy the space all together. There should be room for all energies.

More info??



There are light and fog effects in The Performance Bar. Tell us when you have a condition that we need to take in account. We are happy to do so. Just so you know, The Performance Bar sometimes presents acts that deal with nudity. If thats the reason for you to come please stay home. 

Performances can trigger emotions. We always try to find out what a performance is about before it starts so we can tell a little bit about what is coming but many times it's a big surprise for us as well. When an act is too much for you we advise to go outside for some fresh air and you can always talk to us about what you feel and experience. 


The Performance Bar is easy accessible by wheel chair. There are no high doorsteps. We also have accessible toilets. If there is a special physical condition that makes your Performance Bar visit more challenging, please let us know. We love to help you and take your disability in account when you come. 

Low income tickets

We don't want you to stay home when your cash flow is low. Let us know and we will figure something out. You may use the contact form below to contact us. 


We are a small venue. If you want to come with a big group (>3) please ask us for permission in advance via the form below. Entrance might be refused otherwise.