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This morphing stage/bar blurs the distinctions between café and theatre, bar and stage, artist and audience. The Performance Bar features a wide range of acts from every genre of art and entertainment.

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Wherever the Performance Bar opens its doors, it becomes a hub for experimentation and self-expression. The Performance Bar is currently travelling through space, but you never know when and how it will reappear. Let's stay in touch.

Previous tours

​Hull - England | Weelde - Rotterdam | Beate Uwe - Berlin | Berliner Festspiele - Berlin | The Others Art Fair - Torino | Club Sisyphos - Berlin | Welcome to the Village - Leeuwarden | Club Bar - Rotterdam | Paradiso - Amsterdam | Theater Rotterdam - Rotterdam | Motel Mozaique - Rotterdam | Soma Gallery - Berlin | Moyn Moyn - Germany | IFFR - Rotterdam | Kiezburn - Germany

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The Performance Bar is a project by Shapes in Space

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