Welcome to The Performance Bar. We are on the lookout for artists again. 
Imagine a bar that functions as a stage (and a bath)
Its real and happening every Friday and Saturday in the heart of Rotterdam city. We host any kind of performance that speaks to us and literally had artists on our bar stage from 10 till over 100 (and even a very brave rat). Are you still studying as an art-student? We are very open to new talent. Become part of The Performance Bar community. Show us what you've got. 


* If you are a musician please note that we can only book music acts that are very performative.

* Your act can be maximum 15 minutes. There is a tiny fee available.

* We also accept dj applications. Please add a link to a dj set

The stage dimensions are only 2.10m x 2.75m Will it fit?
What skills will you bring to the bar?

Thanks for submitting!